.Exploring shapes and putting them together in new ways to create sculpture and some vases.  

Blue uplifting vase

Imagine using this piece with just one flower or twig to call attention to the angles and planes that bring joy to the owner. 

Oceans 1

Taking inspiration from the sea, the glaze brings to mind the froth of the waves, and the sculptural elements are like sea creatures, thriving in the deep.

Seeking balance

Looking at this piece from different angles, there are many spaces that can be used to frame perspectives.  Is that structure more like a stone monolith or could it be a telescope reference?  


This group of 4 objects is designed as an assemblage that can be arranged in different configurations to march down your table setting and provide conversation among your guests. 

Urban sprawl

Organic, yet urbane, this sculpture asks to be examined from all sides.  Put it on a turntable and let your friends spin it slowly to get its full effect. 

Looking at you

An inanimate object with an animated quality - yet it does not need to be fed. 

Boxes/ Containers/ Vessels

Containers with attitude

Three ceramic vessels, each about 8-9 inches high and 4-7 inches wide (depending on the "hat" on top).  Handbuilt with red decal accents. 
  Wave Box

Extruded and altered piece evocative of waves on Puget Sound, made explicit with sea shell accent. Look below the waves...  About 4 inches high and 8 inches wide.
Triangle box set

Little boxes for your trinkets, created in an architectural style and glazed to function as a set.
Boxes with personality - outstretched arms and high hat

Who says that functional can't be fun?
Elegant red boxes

These sleek black and red boxes each have distinct features.  Keep them on your desk for paper clips and thumb tacks.  Or use for tea or spices.
Abstract boxes

Glaze accentuates the organic abstract designs on these extruded boxes.
Box with hair

As we all learn to appreciate the value of a good haircut, this little box has an attitude all its own.  Or is it a soprano in the choir?
Take a bow

Little box with a large personality ready to shake hands - oops - maybe fist bump.

Wall art and picture frames

The best kind of art is collaborative - so if you are a painter, here are some frames for your art.  Or maybe you are just looking for decor for your home.  

Porcelain wall pieces

Two wall plaques with copper (green) and cobalt (blue) designs of nature.  

Japanese inspired frame

Building picture frames from extruded materials is fun.  I've added a piece of hand-made paper for fun, but you could easily replace that with a creation of your own. 

Swoop frame 

A delicate leaf pattern is on this frame with a dramatic swoop.

Sea creature plaques

Think ocean thoughts as you place these wall hangings in your space. 

Picture frame 

.Triangle picture frame with printed paper inset.

Underwater plaques

Four very different studies, but they integrate well.  NFS

Practical pottery - dishes

Practical objects can be art, too.  Serve some nibbles to your guests on plates that are unique.  Dishwasher safe, too. 

Pebble pattern plates

Three plates with raised foot.  Glaze applied in a diagonal pattern to accentuate the pebble pattern. For sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BTRGG2C?ref=myi_title_dp


Swirl pattern plates

Two plates with raised foot. Interesting glaze accentuating the swirls. 

Coffee creamer

Little abstract pitcher for bringing milk to the table. 

Toothpick holder

Inspired by a tree stump - this little toothpick holder has character and grace. 

Toothpick holder 2

Toothpicks can be left on the table in this little stump holder.  

Porcelain vase "hug"

A vase depicting an embrace to hug your flowers.

Pierced vase

Extruded vase with an oval pierced through the center. 

Box with a tie

Little box has a baleful expression looking at you.

Classy black and white piece

Tall three segmented vase with incised accented base

Vases and containers for sale on Amazon

For many of the vases, I can customize for you and add a favorite picture or graphic.  Contact me with your needs and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes. 


Vase with blue swoosh

Vase is for sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CD642XN?ref=myi_title_dp

I can customize if you would like to add a photo to the vase. 

Gray round luggage vase

This stoneware vase is for sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CDFGB2K?ref=myi_title_dp


Pebble vase

Teal vase with pebble pattern overall

Vine vase with blue back

Green fish scale vase

Boxes/ Containers/ Vessels/ Vases

Vase with photograph

If you have a favorite photograph, perhaps of one of your ancestors, I can put that photo on a vase.  This vase has a photo of my Grandma Julia from the late 1800's.  It is a wonderful way to honor her strength and vitality.  Email me for prices and options.

Containers with attitude

These little vessels have a personality all their own.  Three different attitudes, they could be used for tea or other condiments.  

Pinching with porcelain

The feel of porcelain between your fingers can lead to all kinds of imaginative shapes.  Applying iron oxide and copper to the designs brings the abstract patterns to life.  Could be used for flowers or just for decor. 

Extruded porcelain vase

Rare extruded porcelain piece, accented with organic shapes and incising. 

Sleek vase with handle

Extruded and altered vase with a classic blue glaze accenting the geometric shapes. 

Porcelain pinch pot with ferns

This vessel is meant for a votive candle with a little pocket on the side for a small plant/flower.  One of a kind.